Aspergers research paper

It is not essential that the teacher has experience of similar children, as each child with AS is unique and a teacher uses different strategies for each individual.

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You could set limits in a number of ways depending which behavior concerns you. Because of this those with a BPD are often better able to appear sociable.

Research Paper on Asperger’s Syndrome

This will also help the student focus on curriculum rather than on the changes. Routines often serve an important function. If a person's special interest is of a dangerous nature it can sometimes lead them into unusual crimes associated with that interest.

An interest in particular sounds could be channeled into learning a musical instrument. Does the child appear distressed when engaging in the behavior or does the child give signs that he is trying to resist the behavior e.

Essay on Asperger's Syndrome

Fortunately for me I had a team of Asper-believers namely a therapist, my mum, girlfriend and a few friendsand an imminent date with an adult autism assessment clinic to squash those BPD rumours circling my mental health records. I feel like the princess and the pea sometimes.

Asperger’s Disorder and Savant Syndrome

What are the changes we can expect during adolescence. There tends to be a lack of awareness on both sides as to why their behaviour has manifested in the way it has, and actually the treatments for both disorders can benefit the other.

It is important to maintain consistency for the child with AS, so try not to change school unless absolutely necessary once a child is settled. Understanding the syndrome will be your best preparation in the classroom Scholastic Inc. From Adolescents through Adulthood.

So couples need to just hold each other when nothing else seems to be working. The chances of a person with AS developing schizophrenia are only marginally greater than for any individual. If anxiety is reduced, the need to engage in repetitive behavior and adhere strictly to routines may also, in time, be reduced.

In addition, adults with Asperger syndrome often suffer from depression and, according to some researchers; patients with this syndrome are more likely to suffer from psychosis in adolescence and adulthood Frey This can be a good thing sometimes, because they are more aware of things.

Hans Asperger

It is not a scientific article and is based on my own personal experiences, which may offend others. Instead, he laid the fertile groundwork for the diagnostic confusion that has grown since More often than not, individuals with AS are more likely to be victims than offenders.

Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all research paper details: For others, big events e. You are invited to participate in a research paper titled “Failure to Launch” designed to explore the perceptions of young adults with Asperger’s Disorder (AD) or High Functioning Autism (HFA), and their parents, regarding meaningful employment and independent living after high school or post-.

- This paper will focus on the distinctions between the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome and depression symptoms in adolescents.

Research Paper on Asperger’s Syndrome

Misdiagnosed children suffer silently, facing academic difficulties. A strategy for early detection, treatment and prevention of depression within the school setting is an effective approach for success. The Asperger's Syndrome Foundation is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of Asperger's Syndrome.

Research: Autism: Johann "Hans" Friedrich Karl Asperger (/ Hans Asperger was born in Vienna, Austria, and raised on a farm not far from the city.

The eldest of three sons, Asperger had difficulty finding friends and was considered a lonely, remote child. Inafter the publication of his landmark paper describing autistic symptoms.

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Research Paper on Asperger’s Syndrome November 8, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Asperger syndrome (pronounced / asp??g?? /) is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by inability of the patients to normally interact with other people, coupled with restricted interests and repeated behaviors.

Aspergers research paper
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Preventing Autism Meltdowns and Tantrums